Heirloom Products

There are tons of photographers out there, but I don't like to be like everyone else, I like to be something extra. That "extra" for me is my sole focus on providing you Heirloom Products. The whole purpose of photography is to memorialize relationships, emotions, and feeling, and turn them into legacy pieces that will live on to tell your story to future generations. Walmart prints and "just digitals" aren't cut out for this task.


I've searched long and far and we've sifted through dozens of sample products to choose only the best archival, museum quality art pieces for your portraiture investment. What's better? They're all sustainably made! 


I am so proud of these gorgeous and lush albums that I know you'll treasure  forever! I will custom design your album at an in-person ordering session, and help you choose the best cover and script for your style



My prints are all crafted on fine art papers that are made with natural products and no harmful chemicals. Check out The Print Box, a beautiful way to store your precious images an a fantastic gift for grandparents!

Dec Products-11.jpg

Canvas's are a beautiful and classic way to display your art. They're hand-crafted, flush mounted, and can be printed extra large! These are true heirloom pieces that will last for generations.




My line of luxury frames has options for all decor types! Made with real wood, fine art cotton paper, and lots of detail and love, your fine art print is housed beautifully in a way that will fit your home style and your best memories forever!. 

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What About Digitals?

My job as your photographer is to create real, tangible heirlooms from your memories. There are a couple of reasons that art is the most important purpose of my photography: First, your kids probably don't have computer access, so they can't enjoy the images unless they're in your home somewhere. Second, it's more work for you if I don't do my job of assisting you in choosing the right art, and making it happen. You'd have to decide where to buy your prints, in which size, what paper, etc., then you have to actually purchase them. Most clients find that years pass by before they get around to it, and that's just not the point of hiring someone to create your portraits. 

I like the idea of offering a white glove service, one where you don't have to do a whole lot except pick your favorite items. So, I've already done the hard work, finding the best products that are the most luxurious, that'll last the longest, and that represent our photographic colors, style, and values the best. I will also make you custom wall art mock ups to help you envision your art in your home!

It takes a lot of work, specialized technical knowledge and experience to print your images in a way that will last. Because of this, I don't offer sessions with only digital files and a Personal Use License. With that said, you may access the digital images either by upgrading your physical product to purchase the full gallery, or they may be gifted to you if you spend a certain amount! I am a mom, so I understand the reasons you want them, so know that they are always available as an add-on. The whole purpose of this is to re-frame the annual trip to the photographer as one which has a purpose anchored in your legacy (think of that framed piece that your grandkid will someday ask you to have), and not just the present needs like a holiday card or profile update photo.