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Maine Dog and Pet Photographer | Pet Rock in the Park, 2021

Thank you for joining us!

I'm Emily of Elusive Photography, a boutique Pet Photography studio in Maine. I provide in-studio pet portraits that are fun and spunky, but also timeless showstoppers. I also do Pet Photo Booths around town - maybe you saw me at Paws n Pints or Pet Rock in 2019? If Pet Rock in the Park 2021 was your first introduction to my fur-loving work, welcome! I'm so glad to meet you.

Read on to learn about my work, about how to gain access to your images, and to see more Pawsome images!

Portland, Maine dog photographer

Something More

While the photo booth works well for some pets, it isn't so great for others. Maybe your pup has anxiety or just isn't trained well yet? If you had multiple pets, there's a good chance I didn't allow a portrait of both of them at the same time. Some of you asked about having a full family portrait or portraits with your kids, but I also was unable to do that in the limited photo booth space.

Why are there so many limitations?

The Photo Booth is intended to provide portraits of a single pet at a time. Just like photo booths you're used to, space is tight and time is limited. As you noticed, the space was packed with the lighting and the paper, and with large dogs, wagging tails, and all of the excitement, trying to contain more movement in such a tight space just wasn't possible (or safe). On a similar note, the lights I can bring on location aren't designed to properly light more than two tightly cuddled beings, so fitting a full family in just isn't an option either.

If you would like a full family portrait including your pets . . .

If you would like portraits with your pets and your kids . . .

If you would like more portraits of your pets with different backgrounds, images of them together, or just any image in a better controlled environment . . .

Contact me to book a full Pet Portrait Experience! Check your emails, because if you participated in the Pet Rock in the Park event, you have a special offer! I only have a couple options left for the year, so don't wait if you'd like something during fall time or by the Holidays.

Portland, Maine dog photography

What is a Full Pet Portrait Experience?

My purpose as a print artist is to create lasting, heirloom art for your home. For pets, that art is supposed to makes you smile every time you see it, to evoke emotion, and to create a legacy of your spunky pet friend.

Perks of a full Pet Portrait Sessions:

  • They can last an hour or more because we build in plenty of time for your pup to come off leash, sniff around, and get comfortable with the environment. Not all dogs need this time, but it's available in case they do.

  • It is cool in the studio, it's big and bright, and it's free of loud, startling noises. We also have treats and toys to keep them happy.

  • We can chose from a variety of backgrounds including bright white, bold pink, soft purples, pinks, greens, blues, or neutral cream or grey. We can also go outdoors at limited locations! This means that the portraits will surely match your home's decor and be part of your beloved home for generations.

  • You can bring any pup siblings because full Pet Portrait Sessions have the space and time to get multiple pups to cooperate.

  • You can also opt for a Family Portrait Experience if you'd like to include human adults or kids!

  • I offer NEXT DAY TURNAROUND which means that just a few short hours after the photography is complete, we'll meet back at the studio for a Reveal and Ordering Session where I guide you through the purchasing the best art pieces for your home and lifestyle.

You may be wondering why I'm going on and on about heirloom art pieces. My primary purpose in photographing your pet in the first place is the final art piece, not the digital pixels or the camera clicking. I have a variety of beautiful products available for you, from large, finished wall art pieces to Albums, to another cool product called the Folio Box. I have lots of other wonderful little gifts, too. While you have the freedom to buy whatever you'd like, there are also small packages with digital image, and the ability to buy single digital images as you'd like. Get in touch for a consultation and I'll show you what I've got and share the full pricing with you!

Check out some of these wall art ideas and start imaging the wonderful pieces you could add to your home.

Maine dog photographer

Find Your Photo Booth Portraits:

Because of the volume of the Photo Booth, in-person ordering will be scheduled by request only. I will have an active online gallery, but I recommend that anyone looking to buy art come into the studio for or set up a Zoom ordering session so you can chose any finishes, cropping, sizes, etc.

The full gallery is available over on our Client page; there you'll have access to ordering art, and buying additional digital images.

There are FOUR steps to get into the Gallery:

  1. Go to the Client page either by following the link above, or clicking "Client" in the Menu.

  2. Click the Pet Rock in the Park 2021 Gallery - this will take you to a preview page with a small selection of images.

  3. Scroll to the bottom and client "View all Photos."

  4. Fill in your Name and Email to gain access.

  5. ***Some have reported that the gallery screen doesn't show up, you can bypass that with this direct link: ***

Once you're in, scroll down to find the photos of your dog. Favorite them for easy access, buy artwork, gifts, and make some fun cards! You may buy digital images from here as well.

Alternatively, you can use this direct link:

Get your One Digital Image!

When you signed up for the Photo Booth, you paid for a single, discounted digital image. To get that image, please email me with the file number of the image you'd like - I'll then send it directly to you and you won't have to purchase it in the store. Below is a screenshot of what an image and file number in the Gallery looks like, you just need to send the number. Because there were so many clients and I have to match the participants, this is the most efficient method, so thank you for bearing with me!

Extra Information and Restrictions:

Use of watermarked images are not allowed, unless you've purchased the digital image and would like a watermarked version for social media use (we don't like photo thieves who take pictures of our sweet pups!). Just ask me if you'd like watermarked duplicates for sharing.

Any images that you purchased have a Personal Use License only - this means they cannot be used for business, corporate, non-profit, or any other use under any circumstances. If you would like a Business Use or Expended Use License, please get in touch with me separately. The Personal Use License purchased from this gallery is for personal display and print only.

Please do not crop or alter the images in any way, and that includes adding a filter. Why? Well that fundamentally alters my work, and it's in violation of the limited use license provided with your download.

For the digital images that you've purchased, I appreciate any tagging you may be able to do! On Instagram, I'm @elusive_pets. On Facebook, @elusivepets. I have multiple accounts for weddings and families, so make sure you tag the pet account if you're posting pet photos.

Pet photographer in Maine

Dog and pet photographer in Maine

Maine professional pet photographer

Maine professional photographer

Thank you so much for joining me!

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